Moses Farrar is considered by many to be among the leading Biblicists, biblical historians and lecturers.

"Of all the bondages, captivities and servitudes that ancient Israel in Biblical times was repeatedly thrust into and delivered out of -- beginning with the Egyptian bondage under the Pharaohs -- there was not one instance where Israel's God Yahweh ever sanctioned their worship of the oppressor's god or gods, or the pursuing of the oppressor's idolatrous customs and traditions.

Do you think that a just God - whom the Scriptures bespeak as "righteous in all His ways and holy in all His works" - would allow the cruel, wicked, abominable slave master to give us the TRUE Religion?

The Most High would never allow that manner of person, or group of persons, to even be the guardians of the TRUE Religion. Think about it, Black Man! I'm talking about the man who stole, chained, bought, sold, raped, castrated, burned, flogged, flayed, separated, renamed, destroyed, distressed and diseased our forefathers, -mothers, and their sons and daughters - not only then, but even now! I ask you again: Would a Just God...!

The opposition could easily counter: Would God allow the same cruel man to thrust the African into captivity, bondage and rigorous servitude for 350 or more years?"

From The Deceiving of the Black Race by Moses Farrar